ÆCHE has a odd "A" in hes username because is together with the letter "E" but we don't know how he did that.

ÆCHE started being a meme editor in "Dec 22, 2016" which it was this video "Cooking By The Book but it's formal / achaic" that started him doing memes.

ÆCHE has been doing to much "Mine Song" meme videos which is ok but mostly he just keeps doing it and over and over,but hey everyone does that also right?

ÆCHE made a creepy video on hes channel call "june..." as you could guess is "The Mine Song",not only that but the video has tits only for one second.

ÆCHE first profile picture was this.


it's odd because in hes older videos it doesn't have nickelodeon stuff or anything is just random videos.

ÆCHE only has one other account which is only Google+.

ÆCHE has hes very own website and it is

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