Loskythecopydog (or for short "Losky" or "LTCD") is a new meme editor on Youtube.

Losky was a logo editor back then from 3 Years Ago,but then he stop doing that because is overused with logos.

Losky's full name is "Michael Seminario",he also have a lot of nicknames like "Michaelosky,Mike,Mikey,Losky,Big Mike,MS" and "Copydog".

Losky's has a sister named "Michelle Seminario" and she also have a Youtube Channel Call "Beenieboos Cuties" which she is a animation meme person.

Losky most Popular Meme Video is "Ain't Got Rhythm But Stingy Claims Everything",originally hes REAL Popular Video was a Logo Editing Video.

Losky's First Profile Picture was this.

Losky first profile picture

Losky has a other account call "Leni Smokes Everyday" which it use to be his alt. (hes alt account name use to be "Juan Seminario Michaelosky Alt" which it is a long alt name) Yea sure you may not know Leni Loud from "The Loud House" (click on it to see what it is)

Losky also have old accounts but he may deleted. (those accounts were made around in 2012 and 2013)

Losky's Mom and Dad has there own Youtube Channel, but they don't do anything on it need for there channel to be here.

Losky has other accounts like Google+,SoundCloud,Scratch,Flipnote Studio and ROBLOX.

Losky save something to say something to us in the future which it is a secret........

Losky's made hes first YTP has got 25,582 Views and 413 Likes in April 24 2017

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