Noobelli is a meme editor on Youtube.

Noobelli makes LazyTown memes on Youtube,but sometimes he makes other memes like The NutShack (is a bad show but it's a meme).

Noobelli's most Popular Video is "The Mine Song but every mine adds another copy of Stingy's head"

Noobelli First Profile Picture was this,which it was a cookie and i don't know why hes channel was a cookie back then.

Noobelli has a sister and her channel name is call "NinjaCat69" which she is a animation meme person.

Youtube profile

You could still see this username on Noobelli's Youtube Link.


Noobelli did a april fools video i mean does everyone has to do that? (yes)

The video is call "EARLY FACE REVEAL?" I won't tell you what happen on the video you could watch it yourself.

Noobelli was going to be a gamer instead being a meme editor but he only made three gaming videos and that was the end of his gaming.

Noobelli also has other accounts like Twitter,Google+ and Instagram.

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